Sunday, April 25, 2010

Going green

Jeff bought this crazy hair to wear to work on St. Patricks day. He wore a not so cute outfit that day! When he got home from work the kids all wanted to try on the green hair. It's funny how such silly things can entertain children and even grown men!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Superman

This is Jaxon playing dress up a few weeks ago. It took Dad quite a while to get him to do the Superman pose. He wasn't too excited about the idea, but he eventually did it for him. We just bought this shirt for him and he LOVE'S it! It's so cute to see him play. I am just trying to enjoy these precious moment's that I have with him. My baby is growing up!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tooth Fairy letter

Today Ammon lost another tooth while he was at school. He went to the nurses office and they gave him a little box to put his tooth in. When he got home he was so excited to show me his tooth. As we were looking at it, the tooth slipped out of his hand and fell onto the carpet. We got on our hands and knees to look for it, but could not find it anywhere. It was so sad to see how upset he was. Dad gave Ammon the idea to write the tooth fairy a note to explain what had happened. This picture shows what he wrote. I just thought it was so cute!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Passing the time

Over the weekend the kids had fun playing outside while Ammon practiced for his first flag football game. They made good use of their time by throwing and catching the football with Dad and rolling down the small hill. It was fun to see them play!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day

On Valentines day the we made sugar cookies. The kids cut out the hearts and then decorated them. Jaxon had fun cutting them out all by himself. Ammon cut out all of the big hearts and went to town with the red sprinkles! Mom did not enjoy cleaning up the mess, but a lot of fun memories were made!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


We took the kids bowling a few weeks ago. They really enjoyed the experience. Mom and Dad enjoyed it too. Ammon learned how to bowl the correct way. He was able to put his fingers into the holes and throw it down the alley. Jaxon had a great time rolling the ball. He had to have a little help from Mom and Dad! Halle enjoyed being able to bowl all by herself. It was a fun family activity, although I think dad enjoyed himself a little too much!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

We are New Mexicans!

We have gone through a lot of changes over the past year. Jeff's job has taken us to New Mexico with Hewlett-Packard. He moved down to Albuquerque in May to continue his job with HP since the company closed the call center down in Colorado Springs. They are opening a brand new facility in Rio Rancho, NM. The kids and I stayed back for a few months while we figured out what we were going to do with the house in Colorado. It was a long summer being apart but it made us realize how important it is to be together. Jeff usually worked Monday to Friday in New Mexico and drove 375 miles home on Friday nights. He would then turn back around and drive back to NM on Sunday afternoon. We were able to spend the weekends together. We are glad to be back together. We are now living in Rio Rancho, just down the street where the new HP facility is being built. We are adjusting well and seem to fit in and like it here. Ammon is in 2nd Grade and is forgetful just like his Dad was growing up...he always leaves his lunch boxes at school. Halle turns 5 on Oct 21st and loves to earn quarters by scratching Daddy's back. She also plays the quiet game with Ammon for 25 cents to the winner. Mom and Dad enjoy the quiet time with that game and sometimes the games go on well over an hour! Jaxon is 2 now and loves to follow his sister and brother around the house. For Halloween, Ammon will be Darth Vader. Halle is going to be a Bee and Jaxon will be a Cow like Dad. Mom will make sure the candy is distributed as Dad...I mean the kids, go trick or treating. The pictures are of us when we moved from Colorado to New Mexico, of Ammon's first day of school and of the Balloon Festival here in Albuquerque. The video is of Halle at the top of the Sandia Peak. It was so windy up there and she was so funny to watch as 50 mile per hour winds blew her hair!

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